Which tile adhesive should I use?

Our tile adhesives are proudly manufactured by Tilemaster Adhesives here in the UK.

Below is a quick breakdown of the main adhesives we stock. These adhesives will be fine for the vast majority of projects where you're laying porcelain tiles to floors and walls.

In general, pick white adhesive when using lighter grouts, and grey adhesive when using grey and darker grouts.

If you're a little unsure which adhesive to choose, it's best to speak to your tiler or get in touch with us.


Tilemaster Standard Set Setaflex

This has a longer 'working time' than our other adhesives, so it's a great choice if you're working with larger tiles and want a bit more time to work your tiles.

Tilemaster Rapid Setaflex

This has a smaller 'working time' which means you can lay your tiles and be walking on them in just a few hours. Great if you're in a rush and need to complete your tiling quickly.

Tilemaster Trade Flexi Rapid

This inexpensive adhesive delivers high-quality performance at a budget price. 


Please note, 'latex-based adhesives' need to be used with our Stardust Quartz tiles. Although we don't stock these, they are usually stocked at most tile outlets.